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Learn how to balance
your hormones holistically

Meet Kristin
Hello! I'm Kristin, a holistic nutritionist with a passion for teaching and for all things hormone balance. I want to give you the knowledge to help you understand and connect with your body, and to help you feel confident and empowered when it comes to your hormone health.
Kristin Talks Hormones

Read up on a wide range of hormone topics and FAQs, such as when exercise is good for your hormones (and when it isn't), how to track your hormones at home, and why ovulation is so key to your overall health. 

Stomach Ache

PMS is normal.

PMS is a sign of hormonal imbalances and is not normal.

Painful cramps are normal. 

Terrible period cramps are often a sign of too much inflammation and are not normal. 

Hormone Myths

You can get pregnant any day of your cycle.

There are only a few days each month when it's possible to conceive - but you can learn exactly when that is.  

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