Learn how to balance
your hormones holistically

Meet Kristin
Hello! I'm Kristin, a holistic nutritionist with a passion for hormone balance, because I truly believe that it lays the foundation for wellness. It's my mission to educate my clients that "hormonal" no longer has to be their normal, and that they have the power to leave behind troublesome hormonal symptoms once and for all. 
Hormone Balancing For You

Whether you're looking to ditch PMS, prep for a healthy pregnancy, or banish other pesky hormonal symptoms that have been preventing you from living your best life - there's something here for you. Find harmony with your hormones for good.
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Hormone-Friendly Recipes

Easy hot chocolate, healthy alfredo, savoury pancakes and more - these recipes are designed to nourish your hormones while still satisfying your cravings. Check out the chef's tips for hints to help you perfect your next dish!
Hormone Basics Blog

Learn when exercise is good for your hormones (and when it isn't), how to track your hormones at-home, and why ovulation is so key to your overall health. 

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