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Hormone Balance Package

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Take back your hormones.

You know that your hormones are off.

Maybe you've been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance like PCOS, fibroids, or endometriosis.

Or maybe you've been doing some research and you know that you're not feeling your best. 

The truth is, hormonal imbalances can show up as a lot of different symptoms, including: 

-irregular periods
-loss of periods
-severe menstrual cramps
-chronic pelvic pain
-PMS of any kind
The good news is: when there's an imbalance, we also have the chance to bring things back into balance.

You don't have to keep suffering from regular hormonal misery - and you can feel in charge of your life again.

But because there are so many different symptoms, there is no one right approach to remedying hormonal imbalances.

It all varies depending on your specific hormone issue, what caused it, and what we decide to do about it together. 

That's why I've designed this package to be totally customizable - it starts at 3 months as a general guideline, because that's the minimum amount of time we need to begin to shift your hormones gradually and safely. 

But we still have the option to add sessions as needed, whether we decide to create a longer package right off the bat or whether we start at 3 months and check in as we go.

And we'll have lots of time for me to teach you each session - so that you have all the knowledge you need to take back your hormones for good. 


Hormone Balance Package Contents

You can include some or all of the following: 

  • a comprehensive hormone test and interpretation of results

  • basal temperature thermometer and period tracking sheets

  • 1:1 appointments every 2 weeks 

  • new meal plans and grocery lists every 2 weeks

  • the Saved By Nutrition anthology

  • hormone resources and info sessions so you can know your hormone health inside and out

Book a free call to discuss package length and pricing!

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