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Period Health Package

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Make peace with your period.

Horrible mood swings, painful periods, unpredictable cycles - none of that has to be your normal anymore.

Severe symptoms are not par for the course of a typical menstrual cycle.

They're actually a sign of hormonal imbalances, and that means we can do something about them.  

While you may always notice some changes as your hormones fluctuate each month, they should be minor, and you should be able to both understand and work around them.

It is actually possible to stop dreading Aunt Flo's arrival and live in harmony with your hormones. 

But whether or not you'll have a happy period next week actually depends on whether your hormones were balanced this month - as well as 3 months ago!

It takes an egg 90 days to mature before it gets released, and for that reason, you won't see the full scope of changes to your cycle for 3 months. 

That's why this package is 6 months long - while you should still see significant improvements in the first month or two, you have ample time to make sure you've gotten things just right. 

It also gives me plenty of opportunities to teach you, so that you can be empowered to take charge of your hormones for long after we've worked together.

Package Contents

You can include some or all of the following:

  • a comprehensive hormone test and interpretation of results

  • basal temperature thermometer and period tracking sheets

  • 1:1 appointments every 2 weeks 

  • new meal plans and grocery lists every 2 weeks

  • the Saved By Nutrition book

  • hormone resources and info sessions so you can know your hormone health inside and out

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