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Hormone Packages

Initial Consult 

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Period Health Package 

Struggling with PMS mood swings, irregular cycles, or painful period cramps?

This is the package for you!

We'll find and remedy the root causes of the hormonal imbalances causing your symptoms so that you can make monthly suffering a thing of the past.


Say goodbye to terrible periods and flow in sync with your monthly cycle. 

Expecting a Sibling

Fertility Package 

It's easy for the world of fertility to feel like a mystery - but it doesn't have to. 

If you're ready to reconnect with your innate wisdom and learn how to work with - rather than against - your body, this is the package for you!

Feel empowered and confident about everything from timing conception to promoting healthy egg development - and even navigating common pregnancy symptoms.

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Hormone Balance Package

You know that your hormones are off.


Maybe you've been diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance like PCOS, or maybe you've been struggling with persistent hormonal symptoms you just can't shake.

Take control of your hormones once and for all with this package that is totally customizable to you - I have some simple guidelines to help us get started. 

Stomach Ache

PMS is normal.

PMS is a sign of hormonal imbalances and is not normal.

Painful cramps are normal. 

Terrible period cramps suggest there is too much inflammation and are not normal. 

You can get pregnant any day of your cycle.

There are only a few days each month when it's possible to conceive - but you can learn exactly when that is.  

Hormone Myths
Some Benefits of Balancing Your Hormones
  1. Reduce PMS mood swings and anxiety  

  2. Make your cycles more regular

  3. Say goodbye to painful menstrual cramps

  4. Ditch hormonal acne

  5. Increase your chances of a healthy pregnancy 

  6. Get back in tune with your body 

   And take charge of your life!

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If you aren't sure what you need just yet...

Let's chat! We can have a free 30-minute hormone check-in to discuss your symptoms and goals so you can figure out your first steps on your hormone balance journey. There's no fee and no strings attached - but if we decide to explore working together, we can chat about that on the call too. 

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