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Saved By Nutrition Book

Saved by Nutrition Final 2020 Stand Alon

Experience the power of nutrition. 


Painful periods.

Breast cancer.

Pelvic pain, depression, and endometriosis.

These hormonal issues are just a few of the health conditions that the authors of the Saved By Nutrition anthology were struggling with until we found both empowerment and life-changing solutions when we discovered the world of holistic nutrition.

It's a collection of anecdotes that are equal parts vulnerable, relatable, and inspiring, showcasing the immense benefits that can result from something as seemingly minor as one dietary change. 

My own story details my experiences with severe anxiety and mood swings, as well as the decade I spent feeling like my body was at war with itself as I suffered from a myriad of symptoms that no one could explain. It also captures my relief at finally being empowered when I received holistic diagnoses for problems that were dismissed by the medical field, and it celebrates my success at reaching more than 4 years without requiring psychiatric medication. 

No matter what you're struggling with, this book has a story that you can relate to - and there are tons of tales of victory over hormonal imbalances, too. 

This book is an excellent companion to anyone's health journey as a reminder that you're not alone in your suffering and that the life you've been wishing for might be just around the corner. 

Print copy: $25 

*includes Canada-wide shipping. For inquiries about international shipping, please email 

If you want to learn even more about nutrition...


This book is included free of charge in any hormone balance package! Get your copy mailed directly to you as soon as you book so you can get inspired before you even start. 

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