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Past Workshops
Stress Management: The Key
to Your Wellness Goals


​​Ladies, do you feel like you're fighting with your wellness goals? Doing everything you are "supposed" to do but still struggling to get there?

Did you know the failure to manage stress can sabotage your health and wellness goals? Unmanaged stress can result in issues like increased blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, amongst others. It also can impact your creative abilities, your relationships with others, your productivity and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Join us for WOWD Wellness Sunday on February 7 to learn ways to manage your stress so that you can reset the base of your health and wellness goals like the star you are!

Kristin Leper, holistic nutritionist, will be joining us to talk about the role of the hormone cortisol in chronic stress and ways you can "reset" it.

Alessandra Poroj, self-care architect and holistic practitioner, will share the power of restorative yoga and its ability to "reset" your nervous system as a tool for stress management and deep relaxation. We'll have a short practice that you can enjoy on your bed or on a mat or blanket.

Investment: Pay what you can

Location: Zoom

Sunday February 7, 2021 1pm EST

Stay tuned for new workshop announcements!
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